The Outpouring Confession for Abuja

The Outpouring Confession for Abuja

Haggai 2: 6-9, 2: 21-22, Matthew 6:9-10, 6:13b, Revelations 11:15

We declare that The Outpouring has ushered in the glory of the Lord into the city of Abuja. The will of the Father is manifested throughout the city without fail.

We decree that the Lord has shaken the city of Abuja and the remnants are men and women after His heart, a generation that seek the Lord. Indeed the latter glory of Abuja is greater than the former.

We decree that the power of the Most High God is seen in every industry and the Lord has established righteous men,  dealing righteously in the palaces. Watchmen who fear the Lord are guarding the city gates.

A large crowd like unending clouds gather at the grounds of The Outpouring Abuja; a people with receptive hearts drawn by the Lord unhindered by any outside force have come to the worship of Yaweh.

We declare that every word spoken by the Ministers at The Outpouring Abuja, is a seed that draws the people into a deeper intimacy with the Lord , and a sword that helps people to rightly divide the word of truth, bringing captive every thought that exhalts itself above the knowledge of God. By the utterance that comes with simplicity from the ministers; several souls are won for the Lord, people are delivered from captivity and released into their God given destinies.

We declare that people come to the knowledge of the power in the name and the blood of Jesus and they go on to release this same power throughout the city and globally.

We decree that every element and authorities created by the Father works in favour of The Outpouring Abuja without fail.

By reason of the victories won at The Outpouring Abuja, Nigeria takes its position as a giant on all fronts, she becomes a well watered garden, a spring whose water never fails. Righteousness has exalted Nigeria and the sound of the worship of the Lord rising from Nigeria spreads globally like wild fire. The nations of the world have therefore come the brightness of her rising, great is her peace.

We declare that the Lord has blessed The Outpouring according to His riches in glory. All financial resources are met with an unending supply. Every required skill-set is met with skillfull hands and minds that produce witty inventions. The testimony is that The Outpouring lacks nothing and the people are willing. We experience the favour of the Lord, of kings and of mere men ceaselessly.

An unprecedented synergy is seen throughout the ranks of The Outpouring army. The planning and execution of The Outpouring Abuja is delivered with precision and excellence, with a display of the love of God, with joy and peace in the hearts of all those who lay their hands on the plough. Indeed The Outpouring army does not break ranks.

We decree that the multitudes that the Lord has drawn to himself by reason of The Outpouring Abuja are now scattered all around the world, with the fire of the HolySpirit, raising the banner of the Lord and spreading the revival globally.

By reason of the victories won at The Outpouring Abuja, our testimony is that all power belongs to our God. Yes, the kingdoms of the world has become the Kingdom of Lord and of His Christ and He will reign forever.

Venue is Old Parade Ground, Garki.

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