The Outpouring Canada Confession

We declare that The Outpouring has ushered in the Glory of the Lord in Canada. The will of the Father is manifested all over Canada without fail. The great awakening has begun and a new dawn of fellowship is here.
Haggai 2:7

We declare that every sound that goes forth is a seed of fire dropped in the heart of men and working the will of the father in them. The Lord gives utterance to His ministers; winning several souls to the Kingdom, making the captives free and releasing men to their God given destinies. The sun of righteousness is risen upon Canada with Healing in His wings.
Malachi 4:2; 2Chr 20:16-17

A large crowd with receptive and hungry hearts unhindered by any outside force gather at The Outpouring Canada. The Outpouring Canada is executed with precision and excellence on all fronts.
2nd peter 1:3 &5

We declare that the Lord has blessed The Outpouring according to His riches in glory. All financial resources are met with an unending supply. Every required skill-set is met with skillfull hands and minds that produce witty inventions. The testimony is that The Outpouring lacks nothing and the people are willing. We experience the favour of the Lord, of kings and of mere men ceaselessly.
Phil 4:6; Isaiah 58:11; Psalms 5:12

By reason of The Outpouring Canada, a new generation of men who seek the face of the Lord are borne. Like the Thessalonian church, the testimony is that Canada becomes an exemplary Church for the Western Nations.
We declare that through The Outpouring Canada, the inhabitants of other neighboring Nations will come to seek the Lord and ask the way to Zion.
Psalm 63:1; Psalm 9:10; 1Thes 1:5

From The Outpouring Canada, we seize territories for Jesus, we lay siege on borders for kingdom exploits, we declare that the light of His countenance shines brighter and brighter over her provinces and cities Psalm 44:3

The gates are opened unto us! We go forth and we take spoils of the land, gathering the lost into the kingdom of God
Rev 3:7-8; Isaiah 22:22

All those the Lord has drawn are now scattered around the world spreading His fire and raising the banner of the Lord; the army has indeed risen!
Jer 6:22; 1Chr 12:22; Ezekiel 37:10

Canada! Your King is here and His glory now risen upon you. Yes! The kingdoms of this world have now become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ and He will reign forever.
Rev 11:15


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